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It can be mined and has a total maximum 21 million coins. Trade Bitcoin – Tether, in BTC/USDT trading pair on LATOKEN. ChangeNOW is a versatile service that offers many different options to exchange BNB Bitcoin. We aim to provide a platform where users can manage all popular cryptocurrencies, exchange between them, and easily diversify their cryptocurrency portfolio.

If you don’t want to limit yourself to just one pair, you don’t have to! The platform offers the top coins, all at the best possible prices and with real liquidity. Bitcoin is trading at $23,370, and the Relative Strength Index on the 4-hour timeframe is at 47.


Not satisfied with the BTC to USDT swap pairing? On Swapzone, there are almost no limitations on coins you can use to swap Tether. You can select any crypto pair and take advantage of the best rates and quick transactions. Swapzone is a cryptocurrency trade facilitator and aggregator. We provide our customers with a wide range of profitable and low-fee trades to choose from. Users and traders can use our exchange without any prior KYC registrations and still get their BTC exchanged to USDT with ease.

Executing transactions and mining new coins, is all managed by the participants in the network. The miners executing transactions are rewarded for their proof of work. Bitcoin can be used to buy, sell and transact with others. Bitcoin price is very volatile due to changing demand.

Competitive rates on the market

Acquiring is easy using the swap tool built into the Rubix wallet. Instead of going to a BTC exchange and converting to USDT, you can trade for BTC directly from your Rubix wallet. The Rubix Swap feature supports not just BTC trading, but most major cryptocurrencies which you can easily exchange. Users can even swap BTC for fiat currencies, like the dollar and euro. Rubix Swap is a simple way to manage cryptocurrency assets. Pay for products, send funds, and make bets with friends—all while knowing the funds are safe.

All you have to do is open our website or get the app, and find the exchanging page. If you have decided to buy USDT with c1, select the wallets and enter how much c1 you are ready to change. The amount of USDT that you can get will be calculated and shown immediately. Now press ‘exchange’ and the conversion will be done with one of the lowest fees in the market. If you are not sure about buying crypto, but would like to know cost conversion cost, try our built-in calculator. Network fees and any other fee for each transaction are on the exchange page.

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The calculator will count the btc usdt exchange rate, the commission amount and the amount of crypto you will get. If you’re decided want to make the exchange, go to the exchange page. Our platform offers users clear and low interest fees, and the best security standards. Unlike fiat currency, Bitcoin is not operated by a central authority or government. Bitcoin trades are recorded on a public distributed ledger. Bitcoin is not controlled by any company or entity.

  • Bitcoin’s current price is 23,352, and we’re analyzing it in a 1-hour timeframe.
  • Buy and trade all your favorite tokens on MEXC App effortlessly, anytime and anywhere.
  • Users can even swap BTC for fiat currencies, like the dollar and euro.

As the world’s most famous and valuable cryptocurrency, Bitcoin has long been the subject of intense speculation and scrutiny. The asset has seen significant volatility in recent weeks, with the price dropping to 21,000 – below the 0 Fibonacci level of 21,971. The RSI of 30 suggests that the asset may be oversold, further adding to the bearish sentiment. There is a price calculator for your convenience that allows you to estimate the amount of Tether USD you’ll get making the BTC/USDTTRC20 exchange.

We launch new and high-quality crypto projects efficiently with good liquidity. Customer service was outstanding during a delayed transaction. My mind was put at ease during a stressful period when I worried about losing my transfer. Pretty fast and David at support is always there to answer your questions.

We take a comprehensive security approach to ensure your crypto investments and identity are safe. We provide quick crypto purchases to more than 2.6 million users every month. Bitcoin continues with its bullish consolidation as can be seen on this chart.

Integrating Changelly services into Trezor Wallet’s exchange has been a great success for all parties, especially the users. Working with Changelly is a pleasure, thanks to their professional and courteous approach. Looking for a coin to exchange and add to your crypto collection? We’ve got you covered with a list of 400+ cryptocurrencies. Make sure you have the amount required for the exchange and send crypto to the wallet address you see on the screen. Choose a crypto pair from more than 400 available currencies and get the best rates instantly.

Another further milestone in the history of digital currencies was the purchase of the first material property. May 22, 2010 is commonly called the « Bitcoin Day of Pizza », or the worst investment in the history of cryptocurrencies. The transaction took place in the city of Jacksonville, Florida.

Do I need to get verified to swap BTC to USDT?

If all goes as expected, we’re currently in the last phase before the next… This is one of the most powerful reversal candles that can happen at the end of a trend. The previous candle from January was a huge green candle, so this DOJI from February is an indication of bullish exhaustion. The bulls were not able to continue the uptrend, and the bears stepped in.


BTC is also famed for its wild volatility, which has resulted in many people making a fortune or losing one through BTC. New to our service or would like to get some tips on how to make your Bitcoin to Tether swap? Take your time and watch our 1 minute step-by-step video-guide. The guide uses LTC/ETH exchange pair but the process is equal with any other. You can register with a PC through our website or with your smartphone through the app. Just click ‘create an account’ and fill in a short form with your email and phone number.

  • To create a new account, you’ll be asked to provide your email address or Facebook/Twitter account credentials.
  • Some BTC to USDT exchanges are safe, and some aren’t.
  • Bitcoin trades are recorded on a public distributed ledger.
  • Acquiring USDT is easy using the swap tool built into the Rubix wallet.

Take your btc usdt exchange to once and for all delineate coins and tokens.How to find crypto with lowest fees? This article explains the basics of transaction fees and goes the extra mile to show you how to buy crypto with low fees. If you want to secure, manage and exchange your funds, our built-in multi-currency wallet is perfect for you.


The rapid increase in the price of Bitcoin encouraged more investors and initiated an annual boom period on the market. Half a year later, on February 9, 2011, the value of a Bitcoin had reached the price of one dollar. In a crypto winter, USDT is one of the only crypto coins you will want on your portfolio. Users hold and own their private keys, and their wallet security remains anonymous.

Is BTC USDT the same as BTC?

Like bitcoin, tether is a cryptocurrency. In fact, it's the world's third-biggest digital coin by market value. But it's very different from bitcoin and other virtual currencies. Tether is what's known as a stablecoin.

After massive growth of 60%+, its price remain trading above EMA10 on a weekly basis. While Bitcoin consolidates, the Altcoins continue to grow. Now, we’ve done something that has never been done before here on TradingView. We looked so far at 60 Altcoins of your choice and even…

Changelly provides the best conversion rates for swapping Bitcoin for Tether ! Convert your USDT to BTC without any additional fees! Changelly is one of the fastest, safest, and most intuitive exchange platforms on the market.

EXMO is a reliable platform with a high level of funds and data security and record-breaking technical support that responds within 15 minutes 24/7. And customer care – as the most important value of the EXMO team. Sending coins from AW is super easy, safe and with no extra fees or limitations. The minimum amount is kept the same at all times – but what changes is the transaction rate in USDT. View real-time MATIC data and actual exchange rate at the top of the page.

This lesson explains a step-by-step process on how to start cryptocurrency trading. This lesson centers on understanding cryptocurrency market capitalization. Bitcoin is the first cryptographic currency, and thus a pioneer that has changed the market forever. It is the most trusted and popular coin of this type, with the largest market capitalization. It is often called digital gold, as well as the currency of the future. Liquidity providers can generate yield by providing funding to traders wanting to trade with leverage.

On-Chain Data Analyst Spots Massive Amount of Stablecoin … –

On-Chain Data Analyst Spots Massive Amount of Stablecoin ….

Posted: Mon, 06 Mar 2023 13:00:00 GMT [source]

We guarantee you the best prices, the lowest rates, high-security standards, and world-class customer support 24/7. You can easily find out the conversion cost with our simple and clear built-in calculator. All you need to do is define the amount of currency you would like to exchange and the currency you want to convert it to.