Does Tier 1 help desk jobs require actual training or certification?

Even if you aren’t using HubSpot’s tools, you can complete their academy lessons for general customer service skills. For example, the “Customer Success and Account Health Checks” training teaches participants how to use help desk tools to monitor and manage customer interactions. The skills taught in these lessons are applicable to any customer service team using help desk software. Anyone interested in learning and becoming a system admin can check out what’s in store here.

What requirements are needed for help desk?

  • Problem-solving skills.
  • Analytical skills.
  • Customer service experience.
  • Strong understanding of operating systems, software, and devices.
  • Patience.
  • Verbal and written communication skills.

The videos lectures are very engaging, entertaining and very well laid out. The fun style of teaching makes the concepts easy to grasp and retain. This course covers advanced troubleshooting concepts for experienced IT support professionals in an enterprise environment.

CompTIA A+

They are six-hour sessions taught by experts in the customer service field. While you may not be the first employee in the operation to greet customers, you are a reflection of them in terms of your attitude when they do get to you. Customer service skills are equally as important as your ability to solve for the customer in this role. The help desk role is changing with the introduction of new technologies, such as AI chatbots and automation.

  • Do you know that participants can decide to go for lessons physically with a professional in the field?
  • The AWS free-tier offered still gives you access to the infrastructure you need.
  • The AWS Cloud Practitioner certification is available to anyone who wants to be more knowledgeable about the AWS platform.
  • The CompTIA A+ certification is an ideal IT credential for beginners.
  • To become a certified help desk specialist with Security 5 Certification, you need to pass the exam.
  • In this program, you will train with interactive textbooks and pre-recorded videos.

This saves you money and saves your team from completing irrelevant training. Learn how BeyondTrust solutions protect companies from cyber threats. The course is instructed help desk certifications by Tareq who is an IT Professional with over 12 years of experience. He is very knowledgeable in his field and brings his knowledge and experience to this course.

Google IT Support

These advanced IT support desk certifications typically require completion of both a core and at least one concentration exam. ITIL Foundation certifications are obtained through a set of exams, each difference in difficulty administering a different cert. There are no prerequisites to taking the exam, but exam administrators recommend taking any of the ITIL training courses that are available on the website as preparation.

Microsoft typically offers certified guidance programs for free, and the typical cost for an exam is $165 USD. Microsoft certifications need to be renewed annually to ensure current knowledge of the product. This IT help desk certification program is a low-risk, low-cost way for people to gain the skills they need to get a well-paying entry-level job in the IT support field. CompTIA A+ is considered to be one of the best IT support certifications.

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And at this point, you might start to think about help desk certification for your tech staffers. Learn how the different levels of IT technical support work, from service desk to infrastructure and server support… Help desk specialists are most often promoted to a network technician position.

  • They are six-hour sessions taught by experts in the customer service field.
  • 92% of consumers expect your company to protect their information, and with this training, you can meet customer demand and differentiate your service team from competitors.
  • An additional perk of this certification is that its entirely self-paced so you can complete the course on your own time.
  • Even if you aren’t using HubSpot’s tools, you can complete their academy lessons for general customer service skills.
  • FieldEngineer can provide your business with a certified IT help desk engineer.

That simply refers to the size of networks the CCNA prepares you for directly. However, CCNAs can work in organizations of all sizes from small businesses to global enterprises. Similar to HubSpot’s setup, this course helps Microsoft users onboard their help desk tools in a fast and reliable way.