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cmt course in india

The CMT Association recognizes a CFA Charterholder’s knowledge of financial markets, securities and economics. Competency and specialization in the analysis of market price action equip dual Charterholders with a competitive edge and differentiated value to their clients and firms. CFA Charterholders find that technical analysis adds an additional dimension to their work, particularly in the areas of timing and risk management. The chartered market technician designation is a professional credential. It is earned by those who can demonstrate extensive knowledge and aptitude in technical analysis and trading. To earn the designation, candidates must complete an intensive self-study program and pass a series of three comprehensive exams.

Our mission is to educate and imparts training to the highest standards in maritime industry while making learning enjoyable and effective in the workplace. We prepare competent best quality Sailors, Nautical Officers and engineer officers by providing them theoretical and practical training, thus contributing to their overall productivity and growth. Earning the CMT designation has allowed me to develop technical analysis techniques that are easy to understand, that are objective and rules-based, and that work well with fundamental analysis.


While these examples name only a small portion of the technical skills learned from the three exams needed to become a CMT, the exams in themselves test a much wider knowledge of technical skills and analysis. CFT focuses on moving averages, charting methods, candle charts, candle patterns, technical terminology, Elliott wave theory, determination of trends about price, etc. In contrast, CMT focuses on providing knowledge about terminology tools used in technical analysis, application of various concepts, theory, and techniques, etc. The fee structure for a CMT program, like any other online certification program, depends heavily on a variety of third-party factors that you choose to study the course.

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  • If you register to take the exam remotely with ProProctor and your remote proctor determines your room or workstation does not meet the requirements, your exam fees will be forfeited.
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  • The CMT Level I Exam focuses on the basic knowledge of the terminology and analytical tools used in technical analysis.
  • CMT holders possess the knowledge and skills to be able to conduct research, author research reports, and recommend trades from a variety of financial instruments and markets.
  • Passing the Series 86/87 exams, also known as the Research Analyst Qualification Exam, is required to create financial reports on potential investments.
  • The official 2023 CMT Program Curriculum will be available for purchase in late December 2022.

After completing your CMT certification, you can earn a good amount by heading to different job profiles. Whether you are looking for a job in India or abroad, CMT certification has a great reputation among finance firms and economists. So, this certification along with your graduate degree can help you earn a great salary along with respect in the field. In case you are still confused about whether you should opt for the CMT certification or not, here are the job profiles that you can opt for after the certification. Like CFTe, CMT is a globally recognized course for candidates who want to become International Professional Technical Analysts. It is a globally recognized examination conducted in various languages, including English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Arabic, and conducted in major cities worldwide.

We will suggest that even if you are enrolling in a local cmt course in india center for clearing the MCT certification, you should consider finding the online study material for the certification. This will help you know more about the course, tips, and tricks that can help you achieve better marks along with getting the mock tests that are perfectly designed according to the latest exam standards. He needs to clear two levels of examinations; they are divided as Level I consist of 120 questions that cover only the technical knowledge; however, the experience is not used. Level II consists of many questions; these questions are based on their experience. Designed as a self-study program, the CMT Association provides a reading list and various study aids.

You can find more information on third-party test preparation materials by visiting our Approved CMT Program Test Prep Providers page. Please read the below requirements carefully to determine whether the place where you will take your exam remotely meets the stringent requirements for a remotely proctored exam. The CMT Association has directed that the current CMT Exam Administration will be available for candidates remotely via Prometric’s test system ProProctor. During the enrollment process, you will register for the CMT Level I Exam with the CMT Association. Welcome to, we are your one-stop solution for finding information about the different types of courses available in India. We have tried to gather all types of courses information for your better career.

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Technical analysis is a trading discipline that seeks to identify trading opportunities by analyzing statistical data gathered from trading activity. The Series 65 is an exam and securities license required by most US states for individuals to act as investment advisers. Ethics encompasses factors of public trust, such as the handling of research reports and inside information. The ethics questions are comprehensive and shouldn’t be treated lightly. Michael Logan is an experienced writer, producer, and editorial leader. As a journalist, he has extensively covered business and tech news in the U.S. and Asia.

Additional fees may apply to candidates requesting the exam in a non-English language. Becoming a CMT Charterholder makes you part of an exclusive community of investment professionals who are recognized globally as true specialists in technical analysis. If anyone is interested in market behavior, the gap between intrinsic value and market price, behavioral finance, quantitative systems design and risk management, the CMT Program is best for them. Candidates should know that all three levels of the CMT Program include questions pertaining to the Code and Standards.


Upskilling programs can bring them up to speed and keep them on the Industry requirements. Interactive Training is a very efficient way of delivering courses online. Due to its convenience and flexibility, the resources are available from anywhere and at any time. Everyone, who are part time students or are working full time, can take advantage of web-based learning.

CMT Level I

The CMT Level I exam tests introductory concepts and terminology in technical analysis. The exam is 132 multiple choice questions, of which 120 are scored and the remaining 12 are under trial for use in future exams. While not all of the material in the readings are covered in the exams, all questions are drawn from the curriculum. Candidates are not required to memorize all the formulas for the technical analysis indictors. However, they should have a critical understanding of the price and volume inputs for each formula, the core of the formula’s calculation, and how similar indicators differ. This exam incorporates a number of questions requiring an essay-based analysis and answers.

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You are helping and guiding the candidates in gaining expertise in the professional body of financial knowledge. They promote very high ethical and professional standards in financial trading. It provides a platform for sellers and buyers to interact and trade at a price determined by market forces. The three-level examination level I concentrate on the basic knowledge, Level II measures the candidate’s competencies. Currently there is a strong prevalent disconnect with respect to the value that vocational courses add to the career of an individual. This results in a wide gap between graduates and employable graduates.

In PACES, candidates are assessed on their ability to carry out essential clinical skills. There are five clinical stations where there are either patients with a given condition, or trained stand-ins . Overall, the CMT is an extremely important certification program for students and professionals in the financial industry. If you are a graduate and want to get a certificate that will give you the best career opportunities wherever you are, CMT is the right step for your career. The fee structure of CMT, like any other online certification program, depends heavily on the numerous third-party factors that you opt for learning about the course.

Intrinsic Value of the Chartered Market Technician

As a matter of fact you can watch live trading that helps you to connect with CMT. Join a Technical Analysis Course which works on real time markets by using tools & techniques . Understanding the money management by real time trading or investment activity. Get PPT based Short Notes & note interpretation of tools & Techniques on technical analysis. CMT Books have very complicated language & course content is not properly aligned as it takes topics from various books of different writers. The CMT Level I exam measures basic, entry-level competence and understanding of technical analysis.

Chartered Market Technician is a professional designation that confirms mastery in technical analysis of the financial markets. Candidates learn to read and fully understand point and figure, line and candlestick charts from price perspectives past, present and future. Candidates also learn the relationship between these prices and price patterns, as well as trends and what they mean, how to draw trend lines and how to determine if trends will continue or fade.

Once you are well prepared for the exams and certification topics, you can register for the certification online and take the exam with the highest possible score. The CMT Level III exam tests the candidate’s ability to integrate concepts and tools into the application of technical analysis. The exam is organized into groups that require candidates to combine two or more areas of knowledge. Others require short answers, in which candidates must state and justify their analysis in a written response. By the time candidates are preparing for CMT Level III, they are learning to integrate what’ve they learned from several knowledge areas.

The program cost is reasonable if you intend to extract its professional value, which means that CMT is relevant to your career. The recurring fee of $325 is a small fee for updating yourself with the latest development in your field. The total program cost of $2,425 excludes the recurring annual dues of $325 if you want to hold the charter. Despite being a relatively small group, it is a focused network of technical analysis professionals which includes senior members of their organization. The content areas are comprehensive and cover topics that a self-taught technical analyst might have overlooked. The clear advantage of enrolling in the Charter Market Technician program is having a structured approach to learning technical analysis.

Next, the profile of current Chartered Market Technicians will also give us a sense of the professional value of the Chartered Market Technician. Although CMT Association’s website listed the names and country of current Chartered Market Technicians, there is no information on their careers. Another indicator of the professional value of the Chartered Market Technician is the number and profile of jobs that need a Chartered Market Technician. We searched for jobs in the USA that require or prefer a Chartered Market Technician on and found only two positions. Hence, being exempted from Series 86 is valuable for aspiring research analysts and puts Chartered Market Technicians on par with Chartered Financial Analysts . Series 86 forms part of the Research Analyst Qualification Examination, and anyone working as a research analyst for FINRA members must pass it.

CMTi Experts having 2-3 decades of field experience and Subject Matter experts are training the Young Engineers online with well-defined Courseware. Futures and forex trading contains substantial risk and is not for every investor. An investor could potentially lose all or more than the initial investment. Risk capital is money that can be lost without jeopardizing ones financial security or life style. Only risk capital should be used for trading and only those with sufficient risk capital should consider trading. Trainees must complete all the IMT competencies at the final ARCP and acquire the full MRCP to both complete the program and to also be able to apply to enter specialty training .

After completing the chapter, review the Learning Objectives again and write a few sentences that demonstrate competence on that topic. The official 2023 CMT Program Curriculum will be available for purchase in late December 2022. Candidates for the June 2023 exams are strongly encouraged to purchase the 2023 curriculum for the next exam they are facing, not the 2022 texts, as the curriculum is subject to ongoing review and updating. Along with free access to Optuma, the most advanced Technical Analysis application, you can also get access to the CMT Level I prep course candidates are raving about for FREE. Striving to further the profession with diverse opportunities in continuing education, advocacy, ethics awareness, and networking. Candidates should be a master in handling large sums of finance to give estimations, develop portfolio strategies, and make decisions related to trading.

The Chartered Market Technician is a professional designation for practitioners of technical analysis. A chartered financial analyst is a professional designation given by the CFA Institute that measures the competence and integrity of financial analysts. A Chartered Market Technician is a professional technical analyst that holds the CMT designation organized by the CMT Association. The annual membership to join the CMT Association is $325 for affiliates and professionals and $100 for college students. There is a one-time fee of $250 to enroll in the CMT Program, which is paid when you plan to take your first test.